We've gotten this question a lot over the past few months since our last podcast with Bert Kreischer (which was a bucket list of mine and hanging out with him after the show was amazing) and I figured it was time to really set the record straight about where we've been, what we're doing, and where we're going.  Not like we really owe it to you but it's nice to have something of record.

Last year was an interesting year for us.  We both got really busy with work and personal life.  I'll spare you the particulars but shit got BUSY, and it was just tough to get around to podcasting every other week.  We love the support: the questions of when the next episode is coming, stopping us at games to have a drink with us or talk about a conversation you've heard us have, just saying hi to us at a game, it really means a lot.  

We don't get paid for this, any of it.  Most of the money put into this has been from Chris, who takes more of an executive producer type of role to the show.  We're not sponsored, we've never asked, nor have gotten any kickbacks from anyone, and all of this has been very organic from a growth perspective from the very beginning.

Last year we acquired the talents of one Aaron Gunyon.  In my personal opinion Aaron is one of the best writers for Indy Eleven out there.  His wit and candor fit perfectly in line with our vision within the podcast (of not really giving a shit about what people thought) and wrote some pretty amazing articles for this site which was something we desperately needed.  Aaron is now doing that same amazing work over at Soctakes.com, so if you loved reading his work here, give those guys a follow. 

Where to now?

Anyway, much like our show, I'm rambling away from the point: Where are we going?  We're not going anywhere, but we're going to take the pedal off the gas from doing soccer shows.  We'll still tweet and post pics and videos from Indy Eleven games.  We'll still be tailgating there and having a great time much like you've seen us there over the past few years.  Hell there might be a soccer based show at some point, but I can set the expectation now that it'll be few and far between.

We are challenging ourselves to cover new things.  Food, beer, places around Indy, fight pods, whatever really sparks our interest.  We're getting back to the roots of podcasting as a whole.  Too much focus has been on advertisers and sponsors and listenership, numbers that hit our inbox and views of the site.  Frankly, we feel like all that stuff is bullshit.  We want to have intriguing, funny, sometimes offensive conversations about places and things happening around the city we love.  Our shows with the team are just the tip of the iceberg.  We hope that you come along for the ride, but if you were just around to listen to the players and staff talk and win some free shit, that's fine too.  If we can get some people to follow us that was just listening for the Indy Eleven aspect that's fine too.

In summary, we can't thank everyone who's helped us and listened to us along the way.  It's meant the world to two guys who happen to be best friends and decided to do some shitshow of a podcast. Never could we have imagined the following on Twitter or the recognizing at games. We hope that you find our next chapter as entertaining as the first.

See you at the game Saturday.